Android Wallet Creation

We will create an android wallet for your altcoin. It will be lightweight and based on Electrum. Unlike other android wallets our competitors are offering, this wallet does not require a local copy of the blockchain to work. Removing the need for the blockchain has several key benefits:

Always On: The wallet is ready when you are. No need to wait for the blockchain to catch up.
Improved Battery Life: Not having to download/verify the blockchain means greatly reduced power consumption.
Reduced Storage Needs: The entire wallet takes up 6MB of space. Other wallets can use a hundred times this amount, or more, depending on their blockchain size.
Near Zero Data Usage: Cell phone data plans are expensive! Why waste your precious data downloading the blockchain? Data usage for this wallet is very low.

Other unique features include:

Bitcoin/Litecoin Support: All wallets built will also have optional bitcoin/litecoin support, providing greater utility for your users while also strengthing your brand.
Ridiculously Secure: All keys are stored on, and never leave, your device. Your wallet can also be encrypted with a password, to protect against malware and thieves.
Easy Backups: All of your private keys can be retrived from a simple 12 word mnemonic. So, even if you lose your device, you can easily retrieve your coins.
Privacy: Transactions are broadcasted through an anonymization server, which hides your IP from prying eyes.

Android wallet only available for POW coin types (no POS).

  • Coin Info

  • Provide a link to your coin's source code, preferably github.
  • 256x256 minimum. 2MB max file size.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp.
  • VPS Info

    A backend server is required for this, so you will need to provide us with root access to a x64 Ubuntu VPS in order to set this up. Minimum of 2GB RAM required.
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